The 10 Most Expensive Coins

Money is used by all countries no matter how small and is available in different forms. In the past, coins were used by almost everyone around the world in different ranges. These coins had something embossed on them relating to a particular event in the country. Some of these historical coins are now very precious and rare in the world.

The history of coinage is a history in itself and each coin has its own story to tell. Each coin is as varied and unique as the people of the society that used them. They can be regarded as an art and this is the reason why collecting coins is such a popular hobby around the world.

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Many people know that there are a few coins that are valuable because of their inherent intrinsic value, people can be surprised as to how much a particular coin can be worth in an auction and the reason behind people spending millions in acquiring these.

Here is the list of the top 10 expensive coins in the world up till 2015 and their current value in dollars, There are also a few coins that are unique kept in museums and are not available for sale to the general public. These are priceless and thus were not included in the following list.

  • 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel – $4,408,650
  • Liberty Seated Dollar 1870 S Liberty Seated Dollar – $1,959,995
  • St Gaudens Double Eagle1927 D St Gaudens Double Eagle – $1,200,000
  • Flowing Hair Dollar1794 Flowing Hair Dollar – $825,098
  • Capped Bust Half Dollar1838 O Capped Bust Half Dollar – $745,000
  • Indian Head Gold Eagle1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle – $600,000
  • Morgan Silver Dollar1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar – $550,000
  • Capped Bust Half Dollar1817 Capped Bust Half Dollar – $500,000
  • Draped Bust Half Dollar1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar – $500,000
  • Morgan Silver Dollar1901 Morgan Silver Dollar – $350,000

Resource: The Telegraph

Will The US Government Mint A Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin?

As the United State Congress and President Obama plan over the next economical fight since the country faces the $16.4 trillion debt, one of the potential solutions that has generated great amount of buzz is by minting a $1 trillion platinum coin.  Though the idea seems completely absurd, the idea has gain immense popularity.

In this article, you will come to know about five important factors about the trillion-dollar platinum coin.

It is legal as well as possible

Though from several viewpoints it apparently looks absurd, but the economists review it on the left and right points and find out that it can be completely legal. As per the opinion of economist Jared Bernstein, the former economic adviser of Vice President Biden, “I think it’s deeply wacky but it’s possible”.

Similarly, economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin who is the former director of Congressional Budget office as well as was the advisor of John McCain during the presidential campaign in 2008, stated his opinion as it is possible though seems to be ‘an incredibly stupid idea’.

The idea of this $1 trillion dollar coin was primarily revealed in a blog post and then it has taken the shape in the next coming weeks. The main proposal is that the Treasury Department mints the platinum coin whose worth as declared by $1 trillion and then they deposit it in Federal Reserve with the purpose of using the coin for paying the bills in order to avoid the defaulting during the time when debt hits the ceiling.

Congress approved the law that would allow the treasury Department for imprinting the platinum coins as well as determining its value.

Though the coin doesn’t have the worth to be $1 trillion in reality….

Obviously, the coin itself is not worthy to be valued as $1 trillion. Based on the simple idea: when there is no difference in the material of $1 and $100, the only different lies in the value of $99 bill, similarly the $1 trillion dollar coin will not be made of platinum worth of $1 trillion.

There would not be any economical impact due to the coin

Since beginning, it should be clarified that the coin would not cause any inflation and it would not have any economical impact. Since the Federal Reserve entity is responsible for imprinting the money and the Treasury bonds must back each dollar with the Fed prints and count for the USAQ debt, people would usually assume the connection of minting this platinum coin with the debt. But the fact is that the Treasury Department’s printing of this trillion dollar coin would have no connection with the debt as it would be kept in the vault and it cannot be the part of money supply process.

The idea of trillion-dollar coin is entirely political

Since the coin doesn’t have any impact on economy, the conservatives criticize the idea as political laziness. They consider it as the messing up of international confidence as the present U.S. government is unable to handle the present financial problems.

Is Investment in Gold Stocks A Wise Decision?

Buy gold. In spite of the fact of September, 2015’s nonfarm payrolls report came as +142,000 which was below expectations of +200,000, some commentators advised this as lowering the possibility of hiking Federal Reserve interest rate as reported by David Sheppard, the deputy commodities editor. Thankfully, at the beginning of October 2015, this Friday Gold bounced back as this yellow metal has been traded more than $20 higher than the expectation and above $30 off intraday low.

However, gold is considered as the useful way to diversify an individual’s portfolio. The reason is that it is comparatively rare and the value of gold stocks doesn’t often move in the line like other assets such as property or equities. If anyone wants to invest in gold, he or she will be happy to know that gold offers insurance for the individual portfolio. That’s why it is advisable to allocate nearly 5% to 15% of anyone’s individual portfolio to gold or anything in the gold related investment whether they are an experienced stock trader or just the average person who wants to do a gold ira rollover with one of the best gold IRA companies as part of their retirement plan.

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Therefore, it is always suggested to know the rate of current gold stocks before investing in gold. One of the great ways of gold investment is the investment of physical gold as it is known as the universal finite currency which is apprehended by most of the central banks. Undoubtedly, this yellow metal is the trusted way to guarantee the wealth preservation as it passes from one generation to next generation. When an investor owns some gold bullion in his portfolio, then he can easily consider other investments such as investment funds, mining shares and some more speculative gold investment.

Now this precious metal is moving inversely to dollars and in certain times, it gets some lifts from the bad economic news such as rising of 1.6% to $1,13 per ounce in London. It cites the recovery of disappointing NFP data dominating the previous threatening of dipping below $1,100 level first time since September 9. The gold investors need not be worried with the news of slowing down the gold stock below 4% so far in this 2015 as the stocks are now getting stabilized after the threatening of crash about $1,000 per ounce. It is the good time for investment in gold stocks after the disappointment of September job reports as the markets now experience a definitely “risk off” trade along with the bond rallying, stocks getting crush and gold spiking.

When Dow futures were heading down above 200 points and 10 year US Treasury note was going back under 2% for the first time since this August, gold stocks futures raised up around 2% in US in order to trade about $1,135 an ounce. As economic and stock markets have close relation with the job economy, it affects the job markets. In September, 142,000 jobs had been added to the US economy which was below the expectation and led towards the disappointments in wages and the rate of labor force participation fell down with a 38-years low. Definitely, it has kept a deep impact and leads towards the uncertainty of economic and stock markets. Luckily, in such situation gold stocks are doing better what these can do- protecting wealth for the investors.



Buying Gold As An Investment

gold investDespite what you may have heard, gold continues to meet a strong essential standard for a decent investment venture among professionals. Until it is sold, a gold position is liable to face few charges or value drops by any stretch of the imagination. To keep you away from losses, we want you to make assessments with the numerous signals as a sure component when looking for the right time to buy.

Gold is not a development investment, as such, and it is not prone to create fast profits or normal payouts like a security or like a common stock may. Most will just buy and hold. What it does give is predictable security for anyone interested in this style of investing. The motivation behind why Gold is a great choice is on the grounds that it’s a physical quality. Gold will always have value and that is the reason the rich dependably keep pieces of their possessions in gold. They utilize it as an insurance along with silver.

Gold investing as an insurance?

There is one safe approach to secure and ensure any portfolio – that it with Gold. It’s the best resource insurance for any investment portfolio. With history, you know it will withstand and hold value when the stock exchange crashes or the dollar or euro vanishes.

Although investing in gold, like any other investment, has its own risks. Nobody can accurately predict that the prices will continue appreciating or remain at the current state. Your weapon is to take your time and learn as much as you can about the trade. Know the specific risks involved with dealing in bullions or coins, this will help you make an informed decision. Buyers who are not informed tend to make hasty purchases and end up overpaying.

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